Hand Cut Glass Fall Leaves Ornaments
for Home & Garden

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One of a Kind Fused & Melted Glass Art

One of a Kind, Hand Cut Glass Ornaments

Alexius' ornaments are all hand cut and finished individually for a truly one of a kind gift! From dogs, cats and fish, to martini glasses and guitars, these ornaments are one of her most popular items.

New designs are added often so check back or email Alexius with questions or a special request.

Dog Ornaments
Cat Ornaments
Specialty Ornaments
Hand Cut Glass Acoustic Guitar Ornaments
Hand Cut Glass Golden Retriever Ornaments
Do you love art
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We do! I'm Melting... Glass can be found at many of the art and craft shows in the Central New York area. We always have lots to choose from so come by to say hello and pick up some great items.

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Custom orders are welcome and I do my best to accommodate special request. Please fill out this quick form and I'll see what I can do!

I'm Melting... Glass  |  Alexius Jones  |  315-682-7329  |  Alexius@twcny.rr.com

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